Friday, April 30, 2010

Embassy of Czech Republic

Project: Embassy of Czech Republic in USA
Designed by Chalupa Architekti
Location: 3900 Spring of Freedom St. NW, Washington D.C. USA

The design of the embassy of the Czech Republic pays tribute to its unique natural setting, and the building itself is only an adjunct, not the main actor. Its form divides the site into three separate parts.

Firstly What emerges is a representational circular driveway space, the austere elegance of which underlines the drapery-like front facade made of frosted glass.

Secondly, it creates a private garden space linked to the apartments and offices use for more working-like meetings.

Finally, there is the representational garden space which forms the conceptual core of the project. The garden is generously dimensioned, organically connected with the main lounged of the embassy, and mediates a strong contact between the new building and the existing residence of the ambassador.

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