Friday, May 7, 2010

iPad Has Arrived. Prepare Your Case

1. Apple iPad Case  39$

  • Makes it easier to hold iPad
  • Can be used as lap or upright stand
  • Lightweight enough to carry anywhere

  • Collects dirt and smudges.The case's material always looks filthy, immediately attracting and showing dust, scuffs and fingerprints
  • Showy Apple logo
  • Sharp edges
  • Because of the snug fit, It's a struggle to put your iPad inside and even harder to pull it out without swearing out loud.
  • Using it as a wobbly stand is just inviting disaster. It could fall down when just pushing the Home button or pulling the headphone cord. Because the base which the case forms is rounded, not flat. So your iPad will barely want to stand up and the slighted bump will send it falling flat on its screen.
2. Belkin Pleat Sleeve for iPad  39.95$
  • Lightweight, easy enough to carry anywhere.
  • All-in-One solution. Unique pleated design expands to fit your iPad with all your accessories like your charger or iPod.
  • A compact shape slim enough to slip into a another bag.
  • It even fits an iPad with the belkin grip vue on?
  • Prevent the iPad from Hearphones, docks or other accessaries.
  • The zips might make this airport security unfriendly.

3.  Belkin Vue Sleeve for iPad   39.95

  • The expandable see-through pocket lets you keep track of your essentials with visibility and surprising capacity. The unique design lets you express your sense of style and provides a sleek storage solution for your personal items, flash drive and more
  • Reinforced panel protects screen
  • Lightweight
  • Easily slips inside another bag
  • The zips might make this airport security unfriendly.
  • Prevent the iPad from Hearphones, docks or other accessaries.
4. Incase Convertible Book Jacket for iPad  59.95$

  • Designed to convert into a stand with multiple viewing angles
  • Complete iPad protection. Its secure elastic closure ensures your iPad Multi-Touch screen stays protected when you're on the move.
  • Durable faux-leather construction with secure elastic band closure.
  • Custom cutouts for direct access to all device features.
  • Airport security unfriendly
  • Some customers state that their 3G version does not fit so well in it.
  • Expensive
5. Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve 49.95

  • Jelly colores available.
  • Offering a molded, bubbly exterior and a soft felt interior
  • Boring. Nothing special.
  • I doubt whether it worth 49.95$.
6. SkoobaWrap  17.95$

  • Basic protection for the iPad when you’re going to sling it into your bag.
  • Easy and Flexible. SkoobaWrap will fold over the iPad and then Velcro itself into place.

  • Not suitable for hand hold.
7. M-Edge Leisure Jacket for iPad   $50
  • Ripstop nylon case featuring a high density foam frame for protecting the iPad and a clear vinyl front cover that allows the iPad to be used while still encased. 
  • The zippered design turns out to be important: the iPad doesn't stay securely within the foam frame unless the case's front is zipped up, and due to the use of twin zippers, you may need to reposition both of them relative to the top, side, or bottom port or switch you need to access at a given moment; the buttons and touchscreen work fine.
  • A thin zippered pocket on the back of the case can be used for storage.
8. STM Jacket iPad  25$

  • High rated by customers.
  • A gender-neutral, water resistant dot nylon bag with a zippered soft interior, open rear and front pockets, and one zippered front compartment.
  • A carrying handle lets you hold it like a handbag, while a detachable strap allows you to carry your iPad on your shoulder.
  • Boring colors and style.
9. Acme Made rolls out pair of cases for iPad   30$
  • A fully zippered case made from StretchShell neoprene that is is water and stain resistant.
  • An internal divider, dedicated iPad compartment, and a full-size protective pocket for cable storage.
  • Screen Protection not enough.

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