Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Style Inspiration

A Dream Come True

by Steffie P., 16 year old Model from United States (http://steffieinwonderland.blogspot.com/)

Dress: Christina Sans (Hippie Bride)


by Ebba Z., 14 year old Student from Umeå (http://www.ebbasfoton.blogg.se/)

Maxi dress: hm.com

Hhat: åhlens

Here comes the sun

by Stefany A., 18 year old Student from London (http://stefannysite.blogspot.com/)


RINGS: topshop,

pale as death

by Madeleine L., 17 year old blogger and model from Brisbane (http://www.wekilledcouture.com/)

Dress: Custom Made, boutique in the city,

Should i start selling things?

by Kate G., 18 year old moomintroll from Brighton (http://kleinpu.livejournal.com/)

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